Notes indexing problem - opening note loads up another note
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01/29/2014 07:04 AM  
One of the best features of this app is the ability to create advance notes. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing a bug that is crippling my Notes use:

When I create a new note, I save it, then try to open it, but instead of showing me its content, it shows me the content of another note, from a different folder! When I edit the note, it shows me the intended note OK.

I have renamed the note it opens, but still opens it. I imagine it is an indexing problem. So...

I have re-indexed modules in the hope that it may re-index notes.
I have deleted notes and started from scratch... But nothing is helping :-(

Please help me resolve this frustrating problem!!

I am using Study Bible (KJV) version 4.9.21 on iPad Mini (16GB) with latest version of iOS.

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