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01/12/2013 03:49 AM  
I would love AirPlay to be added to mantis, so I can mirror the passages that I'm reading on my church monitors.
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02/13/2013 05:17 AM  
AirPlay is available. It is a function of the OS not the app. AirPlay might not be on a iPad1. Can't remember if it was in iOS 5. X or it waited till iOS 6 but I have it on my iPad retina, which is the third generation iPad and I'm running the latest iOS 6.1
AirPlay finally hit the MAC OS with 10.8
You just need to learn how to activate it on your device.
You must have some fancy monitors that you can connect that way to them. I can only connect to my screen via the USB video out cable when I teach the Bible.
I hope this helps:)

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