MAC Psalms reference errors
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10/01/2010 12:07 AM  
There are several places in the MAC Psalms where the cross references are obviously mislabeled. For example, in chapter 6, 6:1-10, it references the penitential psalms and lists (among others) Pss 1:102; Pss 1:130; Pss 1:143. This same thing happens other places in the MAC Psalms. I know these would not open anyway, because there are no verses called out, but for some reason I click on them anyways.

On a related subject, are there any plans on having the references open whole chapters when no verses are included?
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10/01/2010 01:42 AM  
MAC references are always difficult because he uses so many different abbreviations and combinations of abbreviations. We'll look into these references.

There are no plans to open entire chapters inside cross references, because it can cause technical problems (or even crashes) due to having so much data in one screen. By standard practice, if you get a reference to just a chapter, such as "Genesis 1" we open the first verse of the chapter. You can tap on the volume link there, and jump to that chapter (and read all you want) then use the history button to go back. Just be sure to switch your history mode to Global, so you can jump back and forth between volumes easily.

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