Mantis Bible Study 3.0.0 Uploaded to App Store
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11/17/2008 05:26 PM  

On Saturday, November 15th, we uploaded a major upgrade to the App Store.  We have no idea how long it will take to be released by Apple, but in the past it's taken 5 to 7 days.  However, we've heard from other developers that it can take up to 4 to 6 weeks at this time.  Hope not!

Anyhow, here's the full list of what you can expect in 3.0.0:

New Grid Mode Navigator
   Select book, chapter, and verse using list mode (the current method) or grid mode
   Easily switch modes (list or grid) at any time

Bookmark Folders
   Create folders for bookmarks
   Edit folders
   Move folders
   Delete folders
   Move bookmark to different folder

New Search Options
   Search inside current volume
   Search your personal notes
   Search scope (ALL, OT only, NT only, etc.)
   Delete search results by swiping over them
   Save search results as a folder full of bookmarks (* this is a huge new feature *)

Verse and Chapter Quick Scroll
   Tap and hold at top right of reader screen to quickly scroll to any verse in current chapter
   Tap and hold at top left of reader screen to quick jump to any chapter in the current book
   (jumping to the bottom of a chapter now takes a second or two even in Psalm 119!)

New "Analyze Verse" Functionality
   Replaces "Compare Versions"
   Allows on/off toggle of any installed translations
   Toggle all translations on or off at once
   Displays any installed commentary that includes the currently selected verse
   Allows quick jump to any installed translation or commentary
   (I've used this in a Bible Study, and it's wonderful!)

New Options in Setting Screen
   Toggle Red Lettering
   Toggle Paragraph Mode

Added confirmation dialog to clear history button

Fixed obscure highlighting bug affection certain words

Fixed for navigation problems throughout, especially affecting commentaries
(If you've ever been dumped back at Genesis 1:1 for no apparent reason, you've been affected by this.  It's now fixed.)

Fix for truncated text in certain bookmarks, notes, and history

Fixed word-by-word highlighting to be one single block of highlight color

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04/23/2016 09:03 AM  
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