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04/28/2009 12:30 AM  
I'm not sure if this has been covered before (if it was, my apologies for the double post), but when I am at the 'Analyze Verse' screen comparing different translations of a particular verse, I can't view the TNs (asterisks) on the other translations being compared with. The TNs are only visible on the main translation volume. In case I'm not clear, here's an example:

Psalms 107:1 (>>NETP)
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, and his loyal love endures! *

Compare Translations:
Psalm 107:1 (>>NIV)
Give thanks to the Lord, * for he is good; * his love endures forever.

So if I tap on the asterisk on NETP, I get the TN. But when I tap on either of the asterisks on NIV, I don't see anything - it just doesn't do anything. :(
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04/28/2009 02:10 AM  
This is a known issue. We'll try to fix it for the next release.

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