Minor problem with my restore
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12/05/2009 04:26 AM  
Just like the last time I'm having problems with my restore.
Did backup with 4.5.0 then restore and causing corruption.
Can you at check my notes and make sure that file is ok.

Love the new features. The shake is nice to close all the crazy things
I get open. Great new box feature helps keep my brain straight on what is bible
and what I've opened.

Would still like spell help in search and choice to not rotate vertical or horz.

Whow the speed improvements are nice!
My pastor can't sneek by with any verses!

One other thing can you remove JCNT from my books, you let
up grade and I don't load it anymore.

Thanks for all you and your team does, I'm really inspired to read the bible
again becouse of this (mantis) application, mostly due to the ability to jump
to other bibles and commentaries.

Thanks Dave
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12/05/2009 06:06 AM  
You should email support with the personal requests here.

Thanks for your support -- we're happy you're happy!

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