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December 08, 2023
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Bible Pictures Collection 1
Bible Pictures Collection 1
Price $14.99
Item code PIC1
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Bible Pictures Collection 1

This classic collection of black-and-white Bible illustrations contains over 520 images keyed to scripture passages. Whether you're looking for pictures of Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, the Disciples, or even images from the book of Revelation, you'll find it in this collection.

Each image is keyed to work with the unique BYOSB (Build Your Own Study Bible) feature of Mantis Bible Study, so you can just tap on a verse number, tap on the [PIC1] link, and find the nearest picture.

A thumbnail and short description is included for each picture. Just tap on the thumbnail to get a high resolution, full-screen version. You can rotate your device to get a better view, pinch to zoom in and out, and simply drag with your finger to move around the image.

Important Notes about this Resource:

  • Tap on a thumbnail to view the picture in full-screen mode.
  • In full-screen mode:
    • Pinch to zoom in or out
    • Drag to scroll
    • Double-tap to auto-zoom
  • Flip the device sideways to get a better view of "landscape-oriented" pictures
  • Tap the "X" in the corner to exit full-screen mode
  • This resource will show up under the "Commentaries" section of your bookshelf screen in the Mantis Bible Study app.  While we wanted to better classify it as "Media", in order for this to work with the BYOSB (Build Your Own Study Bible) feature of Mantis, we had to include it with other commentaries.
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