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December 06, 2022
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A.B. Simpson Book Set (38 Volume Set)
A.B. Simpson Book Set (38 Volume Set)
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A.B. Simpson Book Set (38 Volumes)

Albert Benjamin Simpson (1843 - 1919) was one of the most important Christian workers of his day. He was an ardent soul-winner and was active in raising up new believers and in training Christian workers. He began his service as a Presbyterian minister, but later resigned after realizing the inherent frustrations in trying to serve the Lord within the denominational framework. He wrote over 70 books on the Bible and the Christian life. His many hymns and poems are full of inspiration and truth. He was the founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

This collection contains:

  • A Larger Christian Life
  • A Solemn Covenant
  • Aggressive Christianity
  • Baptism
  • Bio - A man of Vision & Faith
  • Christ in the Bible - 2nd Corinthians
  • Christ in the Bible - Colossians
  • Christ in the Bible - Hebrews
  • Christ in the Bible - Isaiah
  • Christ in the Bible - James
  • Christ in the Bible - Philippians
  • Christ in the Bible - Psalms
  • Christ in the Bible - Thessalonians
  • Danger Lines in the Deeper Life
  • Divine Emblems
  • Divine Healing and Medical Science
  • Divine Healing in the Atonment
  • How to Abide
  • Missionary Messages
  • My Own Story
  • Personal Testimony
  • Practical Influence of the Blessed Hope
  • Service for the King
  • Standing in Providence
  • Standing on Faith
  • The Challenge of Missions
  • The Cross of Christ
  • The Fourfold Gospel
  • The Gospel of Healing
  • The Holy Spirit Vol 1
  • The Holy Spirit Vol 2
  • The Life of Prayer
  • The Lord for the Body
  • The Lord's Coming and Missions
  • The Love Life of the Lord
  • The Sanctifying Work of Christ
  • The Self Life and the Christ Life
  • Walking in the Spirit
  • Wholly Sanctified