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December 03, 2022
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American Standard Version
American Standard Version
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American Standard Version

Also known as the Standard American Edition, Revised Version, this is a revised version of the KJV of 1611, completed in 1881-1885 and newly edited by the American Revision Committee in 1901.

In the course of the joint labors of the English and American revisers, it was agreed that the English should have the decisive vote on points of difference as they had initiated the work. However, the American preferences would be published as an Appendix for the following fourteen years. The Americans agreed not to sanction any editions other than those of the University Presses of England during that period. After completing their work in 1885, the English revisers disbanded, but the American revisers decided to continue their organization.

In 1897, the American Revision Committee began work to issue an edition with the American preferences. This proved to be an elaborate task and could not be done until the Appendix was revised for fullness and accuracy. Then, they felt free to go beyond revising the Appendix and to introduce a text that included what had previously been suppressed. This edition contains a number of variations from the original Revised Version.