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July 15, 2024
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Strongs Cross Reference
Strongs Cross Reference
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SCRF - Strongs Cross Reference

Displays links between selected Hebrew and Greek Strongs Number Definitions.

This module will show any related Greek words for a given Hebrew word used in the Old Testament. It will also show any related Hebrew words for a given Greek word in the New Testament.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This module is NOT intended to be used by itself. Rather, it is designed to work inside any Strongs-based Bible module, such as the NASS (New American Standard with Strongs), KJVS (King James with Strongs), CWS (Complete Word Study Bible), GWHS, HOTS, etc.

Once the SCRF module is installed, it's very simple to use:

  • Select a Strongs-based Bible (such as NASS, KJVS, or CWS)
  • Tap on a Strongs Number to get its definition
  • Tap the [SCRF] link inside the definition

If any related words are found, you'll see links to those words. Tapping the links will display the defintion for any related word.  Of course, once a related definition is displayed, each one will have a [Find] link that displays where that word is used throughout the Bible.  You can then preview selected verses until you find just the right passage.  Amazing!