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July 15, 2024
New Releases
American Bible Society Maps
American Bible Society Maps
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NOTE: This resource requires Mantis Bible Study 4.2.0.

American Bible Society Maps

A colection of 8 classic maps from the American Bible Society


  • Map of the Sinai Peninsula Showing the Journeys of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land
  • Map Illustrating the Missionary Journeys and Last Voyage of the Apostle Paul
  • Canaan After the Conquest as Divided Amongst the Tribes
  • The Dominion of David and Solomon
  • The Kingdoms of Judah and Israel
  • Assyria and the Adjacent Lands Illustrating the Patriarchial Period & the Captivities
  • Palestine in the Time of Christ
  • Plan of Ancient Jerusalem

Tap on the thumbnail of the map to load it in full-screen mode.  In full-screen mode you can pinch to zoom, or drag to scroll around the map.