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December 07, 2022
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With the Word (Wiersbe)
With the Word (Wiersbe)
Price $16.99
Item code WTW
Publisher Thomas Nelson
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With the Word
The Chapter-by-Chapter Bible Handbook
By Warren W. Wiersbe
Published by Thomas Nelson

A fresh approach which not only offers trustworthy exposition, but also provides a book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter tour through the glory of the Bible. This highly readable personal "conversation" with Scripture guides you through each book, helping you reap the rich, life-changing applications on every page. You will be encouraged to develop your own personal Bible reading program and learn the power of meditation on its truth.

Besides chapter overviews, you'll see great book overviews as well, located at the beginning of each book (located in "Chapter 0", or "Chapter Overview").

This resource also works great with the Mantis "Build Your Own Study Bible" (BYOSB) system by providing links to each chapter overview from anywhere in your Bible reading. For example, say you're in the Bible, reading Romans 3:23 and you tap on the verse number (23). Tapping the [WTW] link will show a link to the chapter overview for Romans 3, which will give you a great chapter-wide context for the verse(s) you're studying.