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December 01, 2023
New Releases
MacArthur Topical Bible
MacArthur Topical Bible
Price $24.99
Item code MTOP
Publisher Thomas Nelson
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The MacArthur Topical Bible
Published by Thomas Nelson

Finally, a contemporary topical Bible that's as easy to use as a dictionary!

Wouldn't you like to have all the Scriptures on an important Bible topic, such as marriage, end times, the Holy Spirit, or money management in one place and instantly available - not just the references but the entire passage?

The MacArthur Topical Bible is the most user-friendly Bible study tool released in decades. An amazing time-saver for teachers and pastors planning their lessons. A comprehensive volume of 20,000 Bible topics and more than 100,000 Bible passages, carefully cross-referenced and organized for quick and complete visual location.

Designed for beginning students as well as seasoned scholars, The MacArthur Topical Bible is useful with all Bible translations.

Next to the Bible this is the best companion a Christian can have for in-depth study for thousands of spiritual subjects.

A resource that belongs in every Christian's basic Bible reference library.

Note for the Mantis edition of this resource: Each Scripture passage contains the NKJV (New King James Version) Bible text, but tapping on a linked reference also allows you to preview the selected passage in any other Bible translation you have installed.