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December 07, 2022
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What Does the Bible Say About
What Does the Bible Say About
Price $19.99
Item code WBSA
Publisher Thomas Nelson
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What Does the Bible Say About...
The ultimate A to Z guide to contemporary topics one would not expect to find in the Bible!

Answers to Contemporary Topics One Would Not Expect to Find in the Bible

This unique resource contains interesting articles on nearly 500 topics that touch on modern life, identifying Bible verses or passages that have relevance to people today. The book catches the reader's attention with words and phrases--such as "ecology" or "the bottom line"--that are more associated with modern life than a 2,000-year-old book.

All Scripture references are linked for one-tap preview, so you can tap to read verse(s) in the last Bible you had open without leaving the context of the article.

NOTE: this electronic copy of "What Does the Bible Say About..." does not contain images or illustrations, but it does contain the full text of the printed version along with Scripture preview links and instant-tap cross-reference links.