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April 12, 2024
New Releases
10,000 Sermon Illustrations
10,000 Sermon Illustrations
Price $24.99
Item code TTSI
Publisher Biblical Studies Press
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10,000 Sermon Illustrations

This collection of over 10,000 sermon illustrations, stories, jokes, and other resources is an amazing resource for pastors, teachers, students, or anyone looking for insight into scripture.

We've organized this huge collection in two ways:

1. By scripture reference
2. By topic, alphabetically

In addition, illustrations are cross-referenced by scripture passage to make it easier to find relevant resources for a given passage.

Since we've classified this as a "commentary", the TTSI (Ten Thousand Sermon Illustrations) volume works great with the BYOSB (Build Your Own Study Bible) feature of Mantis. In fact, there are 3 great ways to use this resource:

1. BYOSB - just tap a verse number, then tap the [TTSI] link
2. Topical - browse through topics alphabetically
3. Search for any word or phrase using the Mantis search tools