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July 15, 2024
New Releases
Holman Christian Standard w/Strongs
Holman Christian Standard w/Strongs
Price $24.99
Item code HCSS
Publisher BH
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The Holman Christian Standard Bible with Strongs Numbers

This special edition of the Holman Christian Standard Bible includes:

  • Full red-letter text of the 2010 Holman Christian Standard Bible
  • Over 38,000 fully-integrated note and cross reference entries! 
    • Each note can be toggled open or closed at the touch of a finger.
    • Cross references can be tapped and "previewed" in-line so you never lose your place.
  • Integrated Strongs Numbers
    • Tap an underlined word to open it's strongs dictionary entry in-line in the text
    • Tap to drill down on root words nested in any strongs dictionary entry
  • Complete Integrated Greek and Hebrew Strongs Dictionaries

Note: This is NOT the "HCSB Study Bible" and does not contain study notes.  The notes included here are mostly translators notes and cross references included in the normal HCSB text. 

About the Holman Christian Standard Bible

Bible translation is a bridge that brings God’s Word from the ancient world to the world today. Believing that the Bible is God’s authoritative, uniquely inspired revelation of Himself, Holman Bible Publishers has created the Holman Christian Standard Bible® with utmost respect for the original wording of the sacred writings. For that reason, we also believe the HCSB to be the most accurate English translation available today. As such, it should be in the Bible study “toolbox” of every believer and teacher of the Word.