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July 14, 2024
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St Andrews Expositional Commentary Index
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SAEC - The St. Andrews Expositional Commentary Series Index

This resource is an index to the St Andrews Expositional Commentary (SAEC) series.  It contains no text, but rather pointers to text in the individual volumes throughout the St. Andrews series.  (Volumes in the St. Andrews series are sold separately.)

Q. What is this resource used for?
A. Inside any Bible, you can tap a verse number to bring up a list of links to commentaries on that verse.  This unique Mantis feature is called "BYOSB - Build Your Own Study Bible".  While it's a fantastic feature, it only works with resources that are specifically keyed to book, chapter, and verse, such as resources designed as Study Bible Notes.  The SAEC series contains so much information, it can't easily be keyed to individual verses, and thus can't be used with BYOSB.

However, this resource provides an index between each verse in the Bible and locations in the various SAEC volumes that discuss this verse.  Once this volume is installed, it will provide a link [SAEC] for verses in any Bible you study.

Q. How should I use this resource?
A.  (Obviously, New Testament verses will work better with this resource since this is a New Testament Commentary Series.)

  • Just tap a verse number in any Bible.
  • Tap the [SAEC] link that appears.
  • Now you'll see a list of links to various MNTC volumes.  There are two types of links:
    • Bold Links - these are primary links, indicating the beginning of a commentary section aimed at this verse (or the surrounding verses.)
    • Regular Links - these are secondary links, indicating that the current verse is mentioned somewhere in the linked text.
  • Tap a link to view the text.  Tap the link again to close the text.
  • To conserve space in the current page, these links only link to the first paragraph of what may be a much longer passage discussing the text.  To do in-depth study, you should jump to the related text, study it, then return to your Bible.  Here's how:
    • When a link is open, tap the >> link that appears at the top of the text, then tap "Jump to this Verse".  This will switch to the linked volume and allow you to read starting at the linked text point.
    • When you're done studying the commentary text, you can return to the Bible:
      • Tap History at the bottom right
      • (Make sure "Global" History is selected at the top left)
      • Tap the last Bible link that appear at the top to go right back to where you were

Q. When I tap on links, why do I get "volume is not installed"?
A. This is simply an index to other volumes, which you may or may not have purchased or installed.  To view linked text in a volume, make sure you have purchased and installed it from the bookshelf screen.  (To view the bookshelf, tap Read at the bottom to make sure you're in the Read screen, then tap the button in the TOP LEFT CORNER of the screen to reach the bookshelf, then tap "Books" at the bottom right to go to the "Books" section of the bookshelf.)

Q. Can you explain the links that appear, such as SAEC 2:5:11?
A. Sure.  Each link simply shows the volume name (displayed in the bookshelf screen), plus the location of the link in that volume, down to the paragraph level.  The link above shows book 2, chapter 5, paragraph 11.  But understanding the links isn't really important -- all you need to do is tap on them!