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December 07, 2022
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I Never Knew That Was in the Bible
I Never Knew That Was in the Bible
Price $19.99
Item code INKT
Publisher Thomas Nelson
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A to Z Series: I Never Knew That Was in the Bible

The Ultimate A-to-Z Resource to Common Expressions and Curious Words from the Bible

  • Shows how hundreds of today's colorful, everyday expressions come from the Bible, such as "the blind leading the blind," "by the skin of my teeth," "a fly in the ointment," and many more.
  • Explains the original meaning and occasions of these expressions in the Old and New Testaments.
  • Gives the fascinating and often humorous stories behind hundreds of other words and phrases from the great English Bible, the King James Version, especially those with different or rarely-used meanings in today's English.
  • A great resource for Bible word studies; KJV expressions are illuminated by comparison with the way they are translated in eight major 20th-century Bible versions; cev, nasb, ncv, nic, nkjv, nlt, nrsv, rsv.
  • Illustrates the meaning of many terms with generous quotations from Shakespeare and other Elizabethan literature
  • Entertaining as well as informative: a one-of-a-kind illustrated reference work that all Bible readers, students of English literature, writers, and word lovers of all kinds will treasure

A great resource for word studies!

Contains articles on over 1200 topics that touch on modern life, identifying Bible verses or passages that have relevant application for people today.

Martin Manser is a professional reference-book editor and Bible scholar who has compiled and edited more than 70 titles, including dictionaries and biblical reference works. He holds the BA Honours degree in linguistics and an M Phil degree, and he resides with his wife and children in England.