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December 07, 2022
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Voice - Heather
Voice - Heather
Price $1.99
Publisher Acapela
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Speech add-on for Mantis Bible Study: HEATHER
With this voice installed, "Heather" will read any Mantis Bible Study resource out loud while you follow along with the written text. This works with Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, or any other installed resources.

To listen to a sample of this female adult voice, click here: Heather Voice Sample.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This item is a very large download (approximately 50 megabytes) and must be downloaded over the Internet to your device. A fast, reliable WIFI connection is highly recommended. Once the voice file is downloaded to your device, a network connection is not necessary in order to use it.

REQUIRES Mantis Bible Study 4.7.0 or higher

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