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July 15, 2024
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Welcome to the Mantis Bible Study Discussion Forums!  This is the place to discuss the Mantis Bible Study for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch software, report bugs you find, request or ask questions about new software features, or request new Bible versions or other study tools.

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App Question
Last Post 05/27/2016 04:23 AM by Abedo. 1 Replies.
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02/26/2015 03:09 AM  
I've been trying to send Customer service the following email but keep getting not delivery. Here's the message; I had Mantis my iPad but it was stolen. I now have a new iPad and have reinstalled Mantis on it. But because the Mantis app is open on the stolen iPad my new iPad will not open the Mantis app. I know your usage rules do not allow more than one iPad to operate the Mantis app at a time, but in this case what can be done so I can open the Mantis app on my new iPad?

Can someone help me with this problem or help me find a way contact Mantis?

New Member
New Member

05/27/2016 04:23 AM  
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