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July 15, 2024
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Android Notes Editing Functionality
Last Post 04/19/2014 05:14 PM by YahLife. 1 Replies.
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New Member
New Member

04/19/2014 05:10 PM  
Since it appears, that functionally, none of the Editing features work correctly (if at all) on the Android app, perhaps NEW file hierarchy and editing functionality could enabled on the Android app.

Eventhough it is a flat file, could we have an editor that works ... or perhaps access to an actual editable file on the Android phone.

New Member
New Member

04/19/2014 05:14 PM  
OK ... I logged into my account and went to this page:

The My Notes Editor is beta.

There I had a backup of my previous Notes folder and file structure.

I deleted everything here.

I then, ran the Mantis Bible app on my Android phone and selected the Notes icon at the bottom.
of the screen and selected the Backup button at the top.

On the Backup page there are 2 options:
Backup: "Backup All Now"
Restore: "Restore All Now"

Since I had previously deleted the Notes folder and file structure in my account on the MantisBible website,
I selected "Restore All Now".

This action copied/overlayed the empty contents from the Mantis website on/to the Android phone.
Essentially, this action erased the Notes folder and file structure in the Mantis Bible app on my Android phone.
You could also Create a folder and file structure on the Phone, however, it appears like you get the best
results if you back everything up from the phone to the website then, edit/re-arrange the folders and content there
and restore from the website to the phone.

No one from Mantis offered this alternate solution in my email correspondence with support.

Currently, this IS the BEST way to Edit, and the ONLY way to Move, or Delete any Notes constructs on the Android phone.
While these Notes editing functions do display in the Android app, NONE of them functionally DO anything except the NEW Note function.

I sincerely hope that this information HELPS anyone who has the Android app version.
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