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December 03, 2022
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Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament: Strongs Edition
Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament: Strongs Edition
Price $34.99
Item code TWOS
Publisher Moody
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Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament: Strongs Edition
2 Volume Set
By R. Laird Harris, Gleason L. Archer, and Bruce Waltke
Published by Moody Publishers

(This special version of the TWOT is indexed by Strongs Number so it can be integrated with other Mantis resources that use Strongs Numbers. As a result, [TWOS] links will display inside any Old Testament Strongs Number defintions for any installed products. Content from the TWOT volumes may appear in multiple places, wherever a TWOT entry is related to more than one Strongs Number.)

This monumental reference work contains studies of all the important words of the Old Testament and is particularly written for the busy pastor or church worker who may not possess all the technical tools of Bible scholarship.

Important Note on Integration:  The TWOS module can be used as an indendent module to look up words based on their Strongs Number.  In addition it will show up as a [TWOS] link inside the Strongs Definition of any New Testament word in any Strongs-Based Bible.  Thus, if you are inside the NASS module and you tap on a Strongs Number to view it's definition, a [TWOS] link is available to bring up the related TWOS entry for that word.  The TWOS is not integrated into the Analyze Verse "Define" feature because that feature is designed to work with word-based dictionaries and not with Strongs-based dictionaries.