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July 15, 2024
Mantis on the iPad

Mantis Answers Your Questions:

Will Mantis Bible Study work on  the Apple iPad?

Mantis Bible Study Version 4.8 and above works on the iPad and uses the entire iPad screen.

How much will the iPad version of Mantis cost?

iPad versions of Mantis Bible Study will be interchangable with the iPhone versions.  That is, the free version that's now available on the iPhone will be free on the iPad.  "Branded" versions of Mantis that include a version of the Bible will be priced the same as on the iPhone.  If you already own a version for the iPhone, such as "Mantis ESV Bible Study" you will be able to use that on the iPad without purchasing it again.  (See below.) 

Will I need to purchase my Bibles and other Mantis Volumes again?

No.  The iPad is treated just like any new device (such as an upgrade from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS).  When you load Mantis Bible Study on the iPad and enter your user name under Tools, Options, User Name, all your old purchases should automatically show up as "Ready to Download".  This includes items purchased in the App Store (such as "Mantis ESV Bible Study" or any other "Branded" version), items purchased from our web site https://MantisBible.com/store, or through in-app purchase using the "Buy Now" button(s).

If all your items do not show up as "Ready to Download" automatically, please email us at support <at> mantisbible.com and we'll be happy to help you.

Will you be releasing a version of Mantis Bible Study that takes advantage of the special iPad features?

Yes.  We have been working on an iPad-specific version of Mantis for quite some time and plan to release a modified version of Mantis Bible Study that contains special features unique to the iPad.  We don't know yet when this version will be released.

What about an Android version of Mantis?  How about a desktop version of Mantis for the PC?  What about an OSX version for the Mac?

We are working on porting Mantis Bible Study to all of these platforms.  Again, we have no information yet on a release date or possible features for these versions.