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October 02, 2022
New Releases
Wuest Word Studies in the Greek New Testament
Wuest Word Studies in the Greek New Testament
Price $24.99
Item code WWS
Publisher Eerdmans
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Wuest Word Studies in the Greek New Testament
3-Volume Set

These studies and translations of the Greek New Testament are simplified commentaries on the Greek text for the Bible student who is not conversant with the Greek language. The set includes commentaries on the Gospels and Epistles; graphic elucidations of selected passages, words, and phrases; and devotional studies on the teachings of Jesus and the apostles.

Books covered are:

  • Mark
  • Romans
  • Galatians
  • Ephesians
  • Philippians
  • Colossians
  • 1 Timothy
  • 2 Timothy
  • Titus
  • Hebrews
  • 1 Peter
  • 2 Peter
  • 1 John
  • 2 John
  • 3 John
  • Jude

Additional content located in appendices:

  • Vocabulary of The Greek New Testament
  • Peculiar People of God
  • Romance of the Inscriptions
  • GRACE in the New Testament
  • Paul's Doctrine of Verbal Inspiration
  • Index of Scripture References
  • Word Index
  • Jesus of Nazareth - Who Is He?
  • Jesus and Nicodemus
  • The Believer and the Isolation of the Evil Nature
  • Jesus and the Believer Today
  • Jesus and Peter
  • Jesus of Nazareth - His Coming for His Church
  • The Believer and His Physical Body in the Future Life
  • Word Studies in Authorized Version
  • Vocabulary Part II

(Note:  This is a 3-volume set and does not include the Wuest translation of the New Testament.  Due to the structure of the Mantis Bible Study application, we were able to include the Wuest commentary text integrated with the rest of the Mantis content and add the additional appendices to the end.  The result is that you can browse the WWS module on it's own, or it can be used with the "Analyze Verse" feature of Mantis Bible Study alongside other commentaries you have installed.  This combined functionality did not allow us, however, to include the Wuest New Testament Translation.)