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September 27, 2023
New Releases
Smith's Bible Atlas
Smith's Bible Atlas
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NOTE: This resource requires Mantis Bible Study 4.2.0.

Smith's Bible Atlas
London, 1915

Contains the following high-resolution maps:

  • Babylonian Empire 560BC
  • Ancient Trade Routes
  • Empire of Alexander the Great - 325BC
  • Egyptian Empire - 1450BC
  • The Dead Sea
  • Europe and the Nearer East in the Time of Crusades
  • Expansion of Christianity
  • Palestine Before the Coming of Israel
  • Palestine in Time of King Saul - About 1020BC
  • Palestine Under David and Solomon - About 1015-930BC
  • Palestine Under Herod’s Will and in Time of Christ
  • Palestine Under Herod the Great
  • Persian Empire 525BC
  • Roman Empire During Third Century AD
  • St. Paul’s Missionary Travels

Tap on the thumbnail of the map to load it in full-screen mode.  In full-screen mode you can pinch to zoom, or drag to scroll around the map.

Note:  This is a very large resource and may take a long time to download.  A fast WIFI connection is highly recommended.