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December 03, 2022
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Theological Dictionary of the New Testament
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament
Price $24.99
Item code TDNT
Publisher Eerdmans
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Theological Dictionary of the New Testament
Single Volume Abridged Edition
By Gerhard Kittel, Gerhard Friedrich, Geoffrey W. Bromiley

Geoffrey W. Bromiley (Professor Emeritus of Church History and Historical Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary), widely known for his numerous translations of scholarly works, has abridged this monumental work into a convenient, one volume edition — "Little Kittel". This text, although greatly reduced in scholarly detail, enjoys wide appeal, especially to students without any knowledge of Greek, to pastors on limited budgets, and to scholars who want a quick and convenient "look up" of a powerfully-distilled Kittel entry.

Important Note on Integration:  The TDNT module can be used as an indendent module to look up words based on their Strongs Number.  In addition it will show up as a [TDNT] link inside the Strongs Definition of any New Testament word in any Strongs-Based Bible.  Thus, if you are inside the NASS module and you tap on a Strongs Number to view it's definition, a [TDNT] link is available to bring up the related TDNT entry for that word.  The TDNT is not integrated into the Analyze Verse "Define" feature because that feature is designed to work with word-based dictionaries and not with Strongs-based dictionaries.  (You won't get a definition for every Strongs Number, of course, since there are only a little over 850 entries in the TDNT, covering the most important Greek words, out of over 5,500 total Greek Strongs Numbers.)