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September 25, 2023
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Nelson Study Bible Notes
Nelson Study Bible Notes
Price $19.99
Item code NSB
Publisher Thomas Nelson
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The Nelson Study Bible
By Thomas Nelson Publishers

Hundreds of thousands of readers and students of God's Word have discovered The Nelson Study Bible to be the most comprehensive study Bible available. The warm conversational tone, coupled with serious scholarship and application, has made this best-seller a favorite among pastors, teachers, and readers.

In it you will find thousands of exegetical annotations for a devotional yet scholarly look at the text verse by verse.

Over 17,000 entries
Over 2,800 printed pages


  • Introduction
  • Old Testament commentary keyed to verses
  • New Testament commentary keyed to verses
  • Introductions for each book of the Bible including Author, Date, Historical Setting, Purpose, Outline, etc.
  • Subject Index
  • The Old Testament at a Glance
  • Doctrine in Scripture
  • Themes of the Bible
  • The Trinity in the Bible
  • The Doctrine of Salvation
  • The New Testament at a Glance
  • Backgrounds to Modern Church History
  • How We Got Our Bible

This resource includes the text of the Nelson Study Bible Notes. It does not contain the Bible text, but can be used with any version of the Bible you have installed in Mantis Bible Study, making it infinitely more flexible. In addition, references to scripture throughout the notes can be tapped for instant verse preview. Verses are previewed based on your last-selected Bible, so your study can focus on the version of Scripture you've been studying.

Nelson Study Bible Notes integrated perfectly with other commentaries using the unique Mantis Bible Study "Build Your Own Study Bible" (BYOSB) feature. While reading through any Bible translation, simply tap a verse number, then tap the [NSB] link to view the Nelson Study Bible Notes for that verse.