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September 25, 2023
New Releases
Nelson's New Christian Dictionary
Nelson's New Christian Dictionary
Price $29.99
Item code NNCD
Publisher Thomas Nelson
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Nelson's New Christian Dictionary
The Authoritative Resource On the Christian World
Published by Thomas Nelson, Inc.
George Thomas Kurian, Editor

This fantastic resource defines more than 10,000 words, people, places, and events and what they mean to the church. It explores Christian terms related to doctrine, worship, literature, history, music, and more with clear, accessible entries covering all Christian traditions.

In addition to the 10,000+ regular entries, you'll find artcles on:

  • The 3 Constant Themes of the Bible
  • The 6 Levels of Christianity
  • The Conflicts
  • Christian Centuries
  • Chronology of Christian Evangelization
  • English Versions of the Bibles
  • Chronology of the "Electronic" Church
  • U.S. Denominations
  • World Council of Churches Membership
  • Popes of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Patron Saints of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Feast Days and Other Notables of the Church
  • Liturgical Books
  • Most Important Books and Authors in Christian Literature
  • Major Theologians
  • Notable Christian Missionaries
  • 100 Most Important Events in Christian History
  • 100 Great Christians
  • 300 Great Hymns of the Christian Church
  • Major Creeds of the Christian Church
  • List of Abbreviations in Evangelism
  • Bibliography