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October 05, 2022
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Systematic Theology, by Lewis Sperry Chafer
Systematic Theology, by Lewis Sperry Chafer
Price $29.99
Item code SYST
Publisher Kregel
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Systematic Theology
By Lewis Sperry Chafer

8 Volume Set

  • Bibliology
  • Angelology
  • Soteriology
  • Eschatology
  • Christology
  • Pneumatology
  • Doctrinal Summarization
  • Biographical Sketch & Index

Also includes the full preface text.  All scripture references throughout can be tapped for instant, inline preview using the last Bible translation you were reading.  Tap a reference -- see the verse.  Tap again -- it closes!

About Systematic Theology

Taken as a whole the eight volumes in Systematic Theology constitute a monument in the field of theological literature. It is the first consistently premillennial systematic theology ever written. For the first time modern Fundamentalism has been systematized in an unabridged systematic theology.

The work is definitely creative and original. There is no other work in systematic theology which is comparable to it. Its form of treatment, method of interpretation, and unabridged character have no parallel. Unlike most systematic theologies, it is presented in highly readable form, deals with practical as well as doctrinal problems, and constitutes a veritable thesaurus of sermonic material for the preacher.

It abounds in devotional passages and is closely linked with the content of the Scriptures. As a product of a lifetime of study, the work has been tested and tempered through years of classroom and public ministry in which the author was recognized internationally as an outstanding expositor of the Scriptures.

As a representative, authoritative, and comprehensive treatment of systematic theology it will occupy a place filled by no other publication.