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December 01, 2023
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New American Standard with Strongs
New American Standard with Strongs
Price $29.99
Item code NASS
Publisher Lockman
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The New American Standard with Strongs
(The New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance)

(also known as New American Standard with Strongs)

Includes the full text of the New American Standard Bible with strongs numbers, plus the Strongs Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries.

Based on the American Standard Version of 1901, which is still highly regarded for its accuracy, this modern revision aims to adhere as closely as possible to the original biblical languages and to afford readers a text that is fluent and readable in current English style. The New American Standard Bible, or NASB, has been widely used and appreciated by many since it its publication in 1971.

In 1995 the New American Standard Bible was updated, increasing clarity and readability. Vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure were carefully reviewed for greater understanding and smoother reading.

The well-known Strong's Exhaustive Concordance lists all the significant words in the Bible and references each word to the original Hebrew and Greek languages. The concordance was first published in 1890 by Dr. James Strong, whose life's work was to provide students of the Bible with an accurate and functional tool to understand the language of God. He and others worked on the list for 35 years without the aid of today's technology. Dr. Strong's work is still universally recognized as one of the essential aids for studying the Bible.