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September 25, 2023
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Note: Mantis Bible Company does not produce any printed material.  All our products are available exclusively in digital format, to be downloaded instantly to your mobile device

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  Zodhiates' Complete Word Study Bible  
Item code CWS
Publisher AMG
Price $44.99
  New American Standard with Strongs  
Item code NASS
Publisher Lockman
Price $29.99
  Holman Christian Standard w/Strongs  
Item code HCSS
Publisher BH
Price $24.99
  Zodhiates' Complete Word Study New Testament  
Item code CWSN
Publisher AMG
Price $24.99
  Zodhiates' Complete Word Study Old Testament  
Item code CWSO
Publisher AMG
Price $24.99
  Amplified Bible  
Item code AMP
Publisher Zondervan
Price $19.99
  King James w/Strongs  
Item code KJVS
Price $19.99
  Net Bible Premium Edition  
Item code NETP
Publisher Biblical Studies Press
Price $19.99
  New American Standard Bible  
Item code NASB
Publisher Lockman
Price $19.99
  New International Reader's Version  
Item code NIRV
Publisher Zondervan
Price $19.99
  New International Version  
Screen showing NIV text, translation note, cross references, in-line verse preview, and red lettering.
Item code NIV
Publisher Zondervan
Price $19.99
  New Revised Standard Version  
Item code NRSV
Publisher Harper Collins
Price $19.99
  English Standard Version  
Item code ESV
Publisher Good News
Price $17.99
  Holman Christian Standard Bible  
Item code HCSB
Publisher BH
Price $17.99
  New King James Version  
Item code NKJV
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Price $17.99
  New Living Translation  
Item code NLT
Publisher Tyndale
Price $17.99
  The Message  
Item code MSG
Publisher Nav Press
Price $17.99
  Revised Standard Version  
Item code RSV
Publisher Harper Collins
Price $14.99
  Easy-to-Read Version  
Item code ERV
Publisher WBTC
Price $12.99
  Greek Byzantine New Testament (Robinson Pierpont Byzantine with Strongs)  
Item code RPBS
Price $9.99
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Welcome to the Mantis Bible Store

How to install new Bibles and other reference works in the Mantis Bible Study iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad software:

  1. When you check out, you'll set up a MantisBible.com Username.  Remember this user name, because you'll need to enter it on your device (iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad.)  You only need to do this once.
  2. Tap the Mantis Bible Study icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad. (Don't have a "Mantis Bible Study icon yet?  Tap the App Store icon, search for Mantis Bible Study, find the free version, then tap FREE, then Install.)
  3. Tap Tools, Options, Username from the main (Bible reader) screen.
  4. Tap Username and then enter your user name.
  5. Tap Password and then enter your password.
  6. Tap Done at the top of the screen.

Now, any newly purchased Bibles will show up automatically, where you can tap and install them at any time. 

  1. Tap the Mantis Bible Study icon on  your iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad.
  2. Tap "Read" at the bottom left to make sure you're at the main Bible reader screen.
  3. Tap the button in the top left (i.e. KJV).
  4. This is the "Bookshelf" screen.  By default, the list of Bibles shows up.  Tap at the bottom to view Commentaries, Media, Dictionaries, and other Books.
  5. Items you've purchased will show up red.  Just tap them to begin downloading.
  6. If an item you've purchased does not show up in the list, you may need to update your list of titles.  To do this, just tap "Check for Updates" then tap "Get Updates".  This will "freshen" the list of titles.

It can take from a few seconds to several minutes to download each title, depending the size of the title and the speed of your network connection.  A Wifi connection is highly recommended for downloading.

Each Bible translation or other reference work you purchase is licensed for use only on a single device (iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad.)   An exception is made if you personally own two or more devices, such as an iPhone and an iPod Touch and an iPad.  In this case you may enter your user name on multiple devices (up to 4).

If you change to a different device (because you receive a replacement phone or you upgrade to a new phone, for example) you can enter your user name on the new device, run "Check for Updates", and download all your purchases to the new device.  If you have any problems, please contact our support department here and we can reset your user name for you.