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May 17, 2022
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History of the Christian Church (8 Volume Set)
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History of the Christian Church
by Philip Schaff


Volume 1: Apostolic Christianity, a.d. 1-100
Prefaces to Volume 1
General Introduction
§ 1. Nature of Church History
From the Birth of Christ to the Death of St. John, a.d. 1-100
Chapter I: Preparation for Christianity in the History of the Jewish and Heathen World.
Chapter II: Jesus Christ
Chapter III: The Apostolic Age
Chapter IV: St. Peter and the Conversion of the Jews
Chapter V: St. Paul and the Conversion of the Gentiles
Chapter VI: The Great Tribulation. (Matthew 21:21)
Chapter VII: St. John, and the Last Stadium of the Apostolic Period. The Consolidation of Jewish and Gentile Christianity.
Chapter VIII: Christian Life in the Apostolic Church
Chapter IX: Worship in the Apostolic Age
Chapter X: Organization of the Apostolic Church
Chapter XI: Theology of the Apostolic Church
Chapter XII: The New Testament

Volume 2: Ante-Nicene Christianity a.d. 100-325
Prefaces to Volume 2
§ 1. General Literature on the Ante-Nicene Age
Chapter I: Spread of Christianity
Chapter II: Persecution of Christianity and Christian Martyrdom
Chapter III: Literary Contest of Christianity With Judaism and Heathenism
Chapter IV: Organization and Discipline of the Church
Chapter V: Christian Worship
Chapter VI: Beginnings of Christian Art
Chapter VII: The Church in the Catacombs
Chapter VIII: The Christian Life in Contrast with Pagan Corruption
Chapter IX: Ascetic Tendencies
Chapter X: Montanism
Chapter XI: The Heresies of the Ante-Nicene Age
Chapter XII: The Development of Catholic Theology
Chapter XIII: Ecclesiastical Literature of the Ante-Nicene Age, and Biographical Sketches of the Church Fathers

Volume 3: Nicene and Post-Nicene Christianity
Prefaces to Volume 3
Third Period: From Constantine the Great to Gregory the Great, a.d. 311-590
Chapter I: Downfall of Heathenism and Victory of Christianity in the Roman Empire
Chapter II: The Literary Triumph of Christianity over Greek and Roman Heathenism
Chapter III: Alliance of Church and State, and its Influence on Public Morals and Religion
Chapter IV: Monasticism
Chapter V: The Hierarchy and Polity of the Church
Chapter VI: Church Discipline and Schisms
Chapter VII: Public Worship and Religious Customs and Ceremonies
Chapter VIII: Christian Art
Chapter IX: Theology. Development of the Ecumenical Orthodoxy
I. — The Trinitarian Controversies
General Literature of the Arian Controversy
II. — The Origenistic Controversies
§ 133. The Origenistic Controversy in Palestine. Epiphanius, Rufinus, and Jerome: a.d. 394-399
III. — The Christological Controversies
§ 135. General View. The Alexandrian and Antiochian Schools
IV. — The Anthropological Controversies
Works on the Pelagian Controversy
Chapter X: Church Fathers, and Theological Literature
I. — The Greek Fathers
§ 161. Eusebius of Caesarea
II. — The Latin Fathers
§ 173. Lactantius

Volume 4: Medieval Christianity from a.d. 590-1049
Chapter I: General Introduction to Medieval Church History
Fourth Period: The Church Among the Barbarians. From Gregory I to Gregory VII a.d. 590-1049 (1073)
Chapter II: The Conversion of the Northern and Western Barbarians
I. The Conversion of England, Ireland, and Scotland
§ 7. Literature
II. The Conversion of France, Germany, and Adjacent Countries
General Literature
III. The Conversion of Scandinavia
General Literature
IV. The Christianization of the Slavs
§ 32. General Survey
Chapter III: Mohammedanism in its Relation to Christianity
Chapter IV: Papal Hierarchy and the Holy Roman Empire
Chapter V: The Conflict of the Eastern and Western Churches and Their Separation
Chapter VI: Morals and Religion
Chapter VII: Monasticism
Chapter VIII: Church Discipline
Chapter IX: Church and State
Chapter X: Worship and Ceremonies
Chapter XI: Doctrinal Controversies
Chapter XII: Heretical Sects
Chapter XIII: The State of Learning
Chapter XIV: Biographical Sketches of the Ecclesiastical Writers
I. Greek Authors
§ 143. St. Maximus Confessor
II. Latin Authors
§ 153. Cassiodorus

Volume 5: The Middle Ages from Gregory VII., 1049, to Boniface VIII., 1294
Preface to Volume 5
From Gregory VII. to Boniface VIII. 1049 to 1294
§ 1. General Literature
Chapter I: The Hildebrandian Popes. 1049-1073
Chapter II. Gregory VII. 1073-1085
Chapter III: The Papacy From the Death of Gregory VII. to the Concordat of Worms. 1085-1122
Chapter IV: The Papacy from the Concordat of Worms to Innocent III. 1122-1198
Chapter V: Innocent III. and His Age. 1198-1216
Chapter VI: The Papacy from the Death of Innocent III. to Boniface VIII. 1216-1294
Chapter VII: The Crusades
Chapter VIII: The Monastic Orders
Chapter IX: Missions
Chapter X: Heresy and its Suppression
Chapter XI: Universities and Cathedrals
Chapter XII: Scholastic and Mystic Theology
Chapter XIII: Scholasticism at its Height
Chapter XIV: The Sacramental System
Chapter XV: Pope and Clergy
Chapter XVI: Popular Worship and Superstition

Volume 6: The Middle Ages: From Boniface VIII., 1294, to the Protestant Reformation, 1517
Preface to Volume 6
The Sixth Period of Church History: From Boniface VIII. to Martin Luther. a.d. 1294-1517
§ 1. Introductory Survey
Chapter I: The Decline of the Papacy and the Avignon Exile. a.d. 1294-1377
Chapter II: The Papal Schism and the Reformatory Councils. 1378-1449
Chapter III: Leaders of Catholic Thought
Chapter IV: The German Mystics
Chapter V: Reformers Before the Reformation
Chapter VI: The Last Popes of the Middle Ages. 1417-1521
Chapter VII: Heresy and Witchcraft
Chapter VIII: The Renaissance
Chapter IX: The Pulpit and Popular Piety
Chapter X: The Close of the Middle Ages

Volume 7: Modern Christianity: The German Reformation
Preface to Volume 7
History of the Reformation 1517-1648
Chapter I: Orientation: Medieval and Modern Christianity
First Book: The German Reformation, till the Diet of Augsburg 1517-1530
Chapter II: Luther's Training for the Reformation (1483-1517)
Chapter III: The Reformation from the Publication of Luther's Theses to the Diet of Worms (1517-1521)
Chapter IV: The Reformation from the Diet of Worms to the Peasants' War (1521-1525)
Chapter V: The Inner Development of the Reformation, from the Peasants' War to the Diet of Augsburg (1525-1530)
Chapter VI: Propagation and Persecution of Protestantism
Chapter VII: The Sacramentarian Controversies
Chapter VIII: The Political Situation Between 1526 and 1529
Chapter IX: The Diet and Confession of Augsburg (1530)

Volume 8: Modern Christianity: The Swiss Reformation
Prefaces to Volume 8
Second Book: The Swiss Reformation
Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Zwingli's Training. a.d. 1484-1519
Chapter III: The Reformation in Zürich. 1519-1526
Chapter IV: Spread of the Reformation in German Switzerland and the Grisons
Chapter V: The Civil and Religious War between the Roman Catholic and Reformed Cantons
Chapter VI: The Period of Consolidation
Third Book: The Reformation in French Switzerland, or the Calvinistic Movement
Chapter VII: The Preparatory Work. From 1526 to 1536
Chapter VIII: John Calvin and His Work. From 1536 to 1564
Chapter IX: From France to Switzerland. 1509-1636
Chapter X: Calvin's First Sojourn and Labors in Geneva. 1536-1538
Chapter XI: Calvin in Germany. From 1538 to 1541
Chapter XII: Calvin's Second Sojourn and Labors at Geneva. 1541-1564
Chapter XIII: Constitution and Discipline of the Church of Geneva
Chapter XIV: The Theology of Calvin
Chapter XV: Doctrinal Controversies
Chapter XVI: Servetus: His Life, Trial, and Execution
Chapter XVII: Calvin Abroad
Chapter XVIII: Closing Scenes in the Life of Calvin
Chapter XIX: Theodore Beza
Literature on the Reformation in France

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