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October 22, 2020
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Welcome to the Mantis Bible Study Discussion Forums!  This is the place to discuss the Mantis Bible Study for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch software, report bugs you find, request or ask questions about new software features, or request new Bible versions or other study tools.

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Welcome, everyone!
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Veteran Member

07/30/2008 02:59 AM  

Hello everyone, and welcome to Mantis Bible! 

We're very happy to see that Apple finally released the 1.0 version of our software, and people are starting to use it.  This is an exciting time -- and a scary one, too.  It feels like we're sending a kid off to college or out into the world.  We know we've done a good job raising him, but we're nervous about how well he's going to do out in that big, scary world.

Anyhow, hope you all enjoy this first release.  There's a lot in there -- more than we expected for a first release.  The second release, currently in an early Beta stage, is even more ambitious. 

Stick around -- there are a lot more exciting things coming!

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