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October 22, 2020
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Welcome to the Mantis Bible Study Discussion Forums!  This is the place to discuss the Mantis Bible Study for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch software, report bugs you find, request or ask questions about new software features, or request new Bible versions or other study tools.

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Update Reading Plan
Last Post 09/27/2014 07:44 AM by fhmoore. 0 Replies.
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09/27/2014 07:44 AM  
I just upgraded my iPhone 5S to and iPhone 6. I am going through the Reading Plan 3. I am a behind, and am only up to July 15. Is there any way to tell Mantis that I have read RP3 through July 15 so that the program will open to that date as my last day read? In other words, I would like to set July 15 as the last read day so Mantis would open up July 16 as the last date unread. I can go through each day and check that I have read each file, but that takes a looooong time.

Thank you,
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