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January 22, 2022
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Welcome to the Mantis Bible Study Discussion Forums!  This is the place to discuss the Mantis Bible Study for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch software, report bugs you find, request or ask questions about new software features, or request new Bible versions or other study tools.

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App Hangs
Last Post 08/08/2008 01:11 AM by burggraf. 1 Replies.
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New Member
New Member

08/08/2008 12:06 AM  

I have had repeated occurences of tapping the Mantis icon only to have the Mantis splash screen open on the iPhone and then the app closes back to the iPhone home screen.  When this happens, I have to attempt to open tyhe app 5 to 6 times before it actually opens.  I hope you can provide an update to fix this.

Veteran Member
Veteran Member

08/08/2008 01:11 AM  


It is possible this is one of the known bugs we talk about in the FAQ page under Support / FAQ.  If your network connectivity is spotty, it's possible that the program is hanging in an obscure state where it can get out to a WIFI network, but can't get all the way out the net. 

The only thing the program is trying to do is see if you have any new Bibles that need to be downloaded.  It only takes a half-second, but if it dies half way out, it hangs.

This is fixed in the next version, but there is a workaround (if indeed, this IS the problem you're having.)  Once you open up the program, go to the Bookshelf, Settings, and turn off  "Check for Updates".  You can always check for updates manually.

Please let me know if this works for you, and I'll check to see if we can post an interim bug fix to the App Store so this doesn't have to wait for the 2.0 release.

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