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October 22, 2020
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New titles coming up
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Veteran Member

11/18/2008 07:49 PM  

These new titles are in progress here at Mantis, and while we don't have any exact release dates, they should be coming relatively soon:

  • Zodhiates' "The Complete Word Study Old Testament"
  • Zodhiates' "The Complete Word Study New Testament"
  • "Today's Word" by Skip Moen Daily Devotional Volume 6
  • "Today's Word" by Skip Moen Daily Devotional Volume 7

We are working on getting many, many other titles, but please be patient -- it takes a lot of effort to get an agreement in place with most publishers.  Our agreement with AMG, the publisher of Zodhiates' work, begins with these two titles, but may be expanded to many other titles if things go well with these.

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