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January 23, 2021
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Complete Jewish Bible
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01/18/2009 07:56 PM  

Since I'm new to this site and evidently put it in the wrong place I'll try again.  

I have been studying The Complete Jewish Bible translation which is a tranliteration based on the original Hebrew and Greek for those who want to understand more deeply the Jewish origins of our faith.  It includes words here and there in the original language (such as Jesus is  pronounced Yeshua) and  I find when I read it, I get a much fresher picture of the origins of our faith and a deeper understanding of some of the hard sayings in our purely English versions.  It includes a Hebrew and/or Greek to English dictionary as well as the opposite English to Hebrew/Greek dictionary in the back to further exsplain what the original language actually meant.  A few apps are adding this translation, but I believe  the Mantis app is far superior to others.  It's also a less expensive translation than the NIV or NASB.  For those of us who want deeper study of the text but don't want to go to an inferior app, it is  a much better choice.  Olive Tree offers it, but I prefer Mantis for many reasons.  Please consider this addition.  Thank you Joanne Turner (aka Miss Wings)

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