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January 23, 2021
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crosswire.org sword modules
Last Post 03/28/2009 10:00 PM by burggraf. 1 Replies.
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New Member
New Member

03/28/2009 12:30 PM  
Hello Mantis team. Great work and tremendous improvements in your latest update.

I am a missionary in Hungary and you have added a Hungarian translation, but it is equivalent to a very old english translation. I know that the newer version of a Hungarian Bible exists and I use it for free as a crosswire.org sword plug in. I believe it would bless many missionaries and others in other countries if you could somehow get not only the newer Hungarian text, but all crosswire.org sword module texts available in the various languages.

I don't understand licensing or how difficult this might be, but could you try? No one has done it yet for the iPhone.

Veteran Member
Veteran Member

03/28/2009 10:00 PM  
We will be researching many more non-English translations in April.
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